Adrian Ríos


Adrian Rios has formed his training knowledge through completing a Sport Science Degree at Liverpool John Moores University, England, and completing the Level 4 Personal Training Qualification at City Fitness Northwood, Christchurch.

Adrian’s aspirations were to become a Personal Trainer and work within the fitness industry where he could use his education and apply his theories on to his clients to help them succeed in their individual goals. Adrian loves encouraging others to reach their potential and strives to give his clients the best training experience possible.

From Personal Training, Adrian took on a Strength and Conditioning role at Belfast Rugby Club in 2016 where he was able to utilize his education to improve Rugby players performance. Adrian’s role at Belfast was extended when he was appointed to work alongside Sports Canterbury to implement and deliver the Kiwi Sports Community Sports programme to primary schools in the local area.

Adrian enjoyed delivering physical education sessions and with all his roles his methods of training continued to develop as well as his dietary advice and his ability to lead and instruct professionally.

He is able to work with a variety of individuals and can be trusted to provide the best training and nutrition advice.

Adrian can be found training himself or his clients at City Fitness Northwood. If he isn’t there he is motivating people at Belfast Bootcamp or doing what he loves which is playing soccer and golf.