Ceejay Smart

Fitness Development Manager & Trainer

Ceejay Smart is a Level 4 Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Manager.

Ceejay started his fitness journey in 2013 where he fell into the industry and gained his qualification through Cityfitness.

He then progressed through the ranks to Fitness Manager of two of the largest personal training teams in New Zealand.

Ceejay focuses on creating an emotional experience with exercise that gets people falling in love with the process and wanting more, he’s all about making small changes to lifestyle and habits that will get the end result and also believe their is no easy fix. His focus with his clients are on weight loss, flexibility, corrective exercise and performance enhancement.

Ceejay is ready to assist and support you with all of your health and fitness needs.

Ceejay’s the kind of person you’ll see out in the sun all summer, but come winter he’ll be hibernating in his very home … the gym!