Jo Brand


Jo Brand is a Health & Fitness Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Mother, and Entrepreneur on a lifelong mission to empower others to step into their best versions so they can thrive physically, mentally and emotionally.

Throughout the span of her career, Jo has gained extensive professional and personal experience. Within just a year at a gym, she obtained PT of the Year. However, she honed most of her skills by being mentored by talented professionals, completing in-depth training, and reading any informative book she could get her hands on. She also spent several years studying cellular nutrition and learning from leading experts in the field.

As the Creator of a premiere workplace wellness program called ZujioLogy,

Jo strives to create a ripple effect of positive change throughout New Zealand’s wellness landscape.

In order to bring this vision into fruition, she is dedicated to providing professional advice, support, and guidance to ensure optimal degenerative disease prevention. After losing her sister to cancer and mother to heart disease in close proximity, her drive to really make a difference has only grown.

Although she does work with  individual  clients, her focus is creating and teaching WorkPlace Wellness  programs and working alongside Employers to achieve a common goal: Healthy Employees tend to be Happy and more Productive employees.

My goal is to educate, support and  empower  everyone I work with.”

Above all else, Jo Brand is deeply passionate about serving others. Whether it’s helping them reach their fitness goals, lead a healthier lifestyle, or get radiant skin, she puts her all into turning people’s visions into a reality.