John Hughes


John became a qualified personal trainer in 2018 through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He currently works as a full time personal trainer at CityFitness Northwood where he has built a very successful client base through the results that he gets with his training and diet methods. He has also been successful with his online coaching, providing online workout plans and nutrition plans for his overseas clients with amazing results.

His passions within the fitness industry focus on empowering his community to become the best version of themselves possible, while learning as much as he can about the different ways to hit each persons individual goals. His

philosophy around training others has always been to inspire them to push hard and always progress doing things they would never have thought they would be able to do. He finds this very rewarding and his clients can see his passion and his care for each of them. He currently trains a wide variety of clients who range from corporate workers to new mums getting back into exercise and is now taking on bodybuilders who plan on stepping on the stage as he will be doing the same and can help them with his knowledge in that aspect.

In addition to health & fitness coaching, he enjoys taking part in sports activities such as soccer and triathlons to keep challenging himself and setting new goals for himself. John loves spending time with family and friends and anything that involves chocolate and pizza! He is a big foody and from time to time he goes a bit mad with the bbq base meat feast!

Johns philosophy is “How hard should you train? Harder then last time!”