Nathan MacGregor

General Manager

Nathan became a qualified personal trainer in 2008 through the NZ College of Fitness. He first worked in the industry at Les Mills for a little over 4 years as a full time trainer and head Bootcamp instructor. After leaving in 2013 he worked from his home gym for another 4 years, operating Titanium Fitness alongside Bootcamp New Zealand, before switching to his currently fully mobile training business.

His passions within the fitness industry focus on empowering his community to become the best version of themselves possible. His philosophy around training others has always been to inspire them to seek more, even beyond his own expertise. He currently trains a wide variety of clients who range from new mums getting back into exercise to ultra marathon runners.

In addition he combines his love of children with football and coaches kids football on the weekends, is constantly diving into more and more learnings about the human experience and always finding time for quality time with quality people and dogs.