Sara Wilson


Sara is a clinical hypnotherapist who has a passion for the mind body connection. She is fascinated by the power of the subconsious mind and how we can harness it to make positive changes in our every day lives.  Sara originally trained as a primary school teacher in England and taught in both London and New Zealand. She became interested in Hypnosis when she was studying to be a teacher and often used relaxation and visualisation techniques within the classroom setting.

A few years later when she became pregnant with her first child she decided to do Hypnobirthing. That experience changed her life! “I just couldn’t believe that I would be able to give birth without any pain but that is exactly what happened”. It was this experience that eventually led her to complete a Diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnotherapy.

Sara enjoys working with her clients to empower them to overcome the issues that are holding them back including smoking cessation, weight loss and phobias and is especially passionate about helping people lead healthy, joyful lives free of stress and anxiety.