Tanay Hulsure


TANAY has been in this fitness industry since 8 years and became a qualified fitness professional from Mumbai University in 2017. He has worked as a personal trainer in several gyms across India while pursuing his Level 4 from International Sports Science Association of America as an International Personal Trainer. He has also worked as a Fitness and Club Manager at MIG Cricket Club Mumbai and Life Fitness Gym For 3 years. In New Zealand he completed his Level 5 from New Zealand Institute Of Sports, pursuing Level 6 (Human Performance) while working at F45 Ferrymead as a Group Fitness Coach since 1 year.

He believes in connecting with the body through fitness and honouring it more so that he can help the community to condition their body and lead aseptic life while getting rid of negative effects of the human body. He currently trains clients from all the age groups including Special Population, Athletes, Pregnant Woman, Elderly People and anyone who is in need and willing to remould.

Apart from being a fitness freak, he loves to lend a helping hand to the needy and has a big heart for animals and elderly people. He loves heaps of vegan pizzas, as a bit of junk would do no harm !. Although he seems to be hard to reach but very few know that he has a tender heart and gallons of emotions.

TANAY’s best mantra for your health and fitness is 3 I’s Influence. Inspire. Impact. And he strongly suggests to be disciplined because “Discipline is doing what needs to be done, even if you don’t feel like doing it.